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Our commitment to the environment

Centro Sub Portorotondo has always been committed to the protection and preservation of the marine and coastal environment

For years we have been participating in international projects such as PADI Project Aware, Clean Sea Life and Medfever by MedSharks. The points of greatest concentration are the cleaning of the seabed and oceans from waste and scientific dissemination and training of all sea lovers

If everyone does their part, all together we are a squadron!

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Clean Sea Life

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Clean Sea Life, from 2016 to 2021, involved sea lovers in an extraordinary campaign to clean up the coasts and seabeds of Italy. Thousands of people, clubs and tour operators have joined and changed the face of the sea. Keeping it clean is our responsibility!

Clean Sea Life has been recognized as best LIFE project in the Environment category, and also won the audience award!

The project raised public awareness of the amount of litter in the sea and on beaches, showed how we are responsible for it and promoted active and ongoing commitment to the environment

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MedSkarks is an association dedicated to the study and conservation of the Mediterranean environment, and in particular of Mediterranean sharks (…and beyond).

In 2021 the MedFever project was born, in which we also actively participate, which thanks to the help of a network of divers aims to monitor the impact of the climate crisis on our seas and to provide research support in order to better understand the phenomena of coastal dynamics extremely important for all local ecosystems.

For further information and updates, visit thesiteor thepage Facebook!

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